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We pride ourselves in keeping class sizes small to enable quality learning, fostering a community built on mutual collaboration.  Children are encouraged to develop as creatives tapping into their inner character and self-initiating their development as actors in a supportive environment.

We work toward Introductory – Grade 8 exams with the prestigious examining boards of London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and Trinity College, London. Mrs Syder has been preparing and entering learners for both exam boards since 1990 successfully up to Grade 8 with many gaining Merits and Distinctions.  Past students have continued their training at ALRA, Hammond School, LAMDA and Rose Brueford.  Others have gained places at the National Youth Theatre with Wem students auditioning next year.

Jane Syder is a professional actress, director and choreographer and trained at the renowned Performing Arts School, Bush Davies.  Jane has Equity status and works in professional theatre and television. Jane holds two Licentiates with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LLAM) Guildhall (LGSMD) and four ISTD dance Associate diploma qualifications in Ballet, Tap, Modern Theatre and National Dance.  She has recently successfully completed a Master of Arts in Professional Practice with Middlesex University.

Jane has been Principal to Performing Arts School The Reepham School of Dance and Drama and established ‘Beginnings’ Theatre, Television and Model Agency in 1990 gaining work for students with the BBC on ‘Jonathan Creek’ and other tv series. In New Zealand Jane established a second school ‘Centre Stage Youth Theatre and Performing Arts’ and the Youth Theatre raised funds for the ‘Starshiip Children’s Hospital’ in Auckland.

“Our studios are warm and friendly, built on self-discipline, team ship, trust and respect.  Respect is earned and given by following values of fairness, equality and empathy. I have developed intuitively with learners, remaining open, listening to how they are feeling and showing compassion to any difficulties in their lives as well as with their learning. I believe in offering multitudinous choices to meet their personal goals.
I enjoy helping children with learning differences, seeing them achieve in building confidence and self-worth.
My own condition of scoliosis has taught me to be alert and to immediately act on anything that I may consider important, albeit the emotional or physical well-being of the learner.

I believe the Arts are an essential requirement for teenagers particularly, to alleviate stress at exam time.


“Jane Syder is one of my biggest inspirations. I began at her school The Reepham School of Dance and Drama in the early noughties. Jane was the fire starter for my love of theatre and performance. I started as a little dancer with the RSDD then as I got into my teens I moved onto the drama side. Jane had an amazing knack of challenging and inspiring me all at the same time. She helped me to develop a huge range of skills, not just in relation to the practice of theatre and performance but in the practice of life. The RSDD became my escape where I was supported to build and develop in confidence in a safe and supportive environment. Jane helped me find “me”, and for that I will be forever thankful.

While with the RSDD I achieved many qualifications not just in drama but also in dance. My greatest qualification was achieving my Grade 8 in the trinity guildhall examinations, and the medallions in LAMDA. As I got older into my mid-late teens, Jane supported me in developing my teaching skills in the craft. Jane granted me the opportunity to assist her in her drama classes, this spurred me on to apply for a performing arts Degree at University and follow my passion for teaching.

Since working with Jane and the RSDD I have completed a degree in performing Arts, worked with Northern theatre, performed in street performance in both Leeds and York, taught GCSE drama at Canon Lee High School York and I now run the drama and theatre department of a local performance academy.

It’s not an easy pathway into theatre and performance but I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation then the support and guidance I received from Mrs Jane Syder. So thank you Jane, for more then you know”. 

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